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TEA Defensive Driving list

Tickets happen to the best of us! In Texas, law enforcement is particularly diligent about making sure that our roadways are safe for all drivers. That means enforcing speed limits on streets, tollways and interstates. If you got a speeding ticket or other moving violation, you may be eligible to attend a TEA Defensive Driving list program. A single moving violation citation can increase your auto insurance premium by as much as 10 to 20%, depending upon the infraction, so attending a licensed school from the TEA Defensive Driving List is a smart and easy way to prevent that from happening! Defensive driving online is the easiest and cheapest way to keep a ticket off your driving record and keep your auto insurance rates low.

Become a Defensive Driver – Enroll in a Texas Defensive Driving Course

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) publishes a list of approved defensive driving course class providers. You may think you are a defensive driver, but taking a defensive driving course can teach you things you never knew about being a real defensive driver. We strongly recommend that you take an online defensive driving course if you want to become a defensive driver versus attending a defensive driving course classroom to become a defensive driver.

Becoming a Defensive Driver Qualifies You for an Insurance Reduction

Most people do not realize that they can immediately begin saving money on their Texas auto liability policies by completing a Texas defensive driving course which will make them a better defensive driver. Most insurance companies in Texas will give a defensive driver up to a 10% discount for enrolling in and completing a defensive driving course. This is known within the Texas insurance industry as a defensive driver discount. When you complete any one of the TEA’s approved driving course programs you will get 2 copies of the driving course completion certificate: 1 for your court and 1 for your insurance agent to prove that you are a defensive driver. Even if you do not have a ticket that you need to dismiss, you may still take a defensive driving course for insurance reduction. Regardless of which course you choose, here’s how all defensive driving courses in Texas work:

  • Enroll online and pay $25. This is the lowest price allowed by law.
  • Spend 6 hours taking the course. This includes watching media and completing chapter Unit Exams. If you fail a unit exam, you must repeat the failed chapter before you can take it again. You can do this an unlimited number of times so it’s impossible to fail the course.
  • Receive a certificate of completion, which you must bring to your court.

While there are dozens of great online defensive driver courses on the TEA Defensive Driving List, below is a list of our top 10:

Website Name Provider# School # Phone Get Defensive – Texas Defensive Driving Online CP021 C2084 800-851-3007 Comedy Course Texas – Dismiss Ticket Online CP280 C2861 877-951-2253 Online Texas Defensive Driving CP280 C2861 817-993-9458 Fun Ticket Dismissal – Online Driving Course CP280 C2861 800-600-7815 Stick My Ticket – TX Driving Safety Class CP280 C2861 800-203-4311 Texas Defensive Driving Online CP280 C2861 800-975-1317 MyImprov Comedy Defensive Driving CP342 C2663 800-660-8908 Traffic 101 – Online Ticket Dismissal & Insurance Reduction CP750 C2185 800-373-7313 A Sense of Humor – Comedy Ticket Dismissal Course CP814 C2067 866-631-0414

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