Defensive Driving Austin

Austin Defensive Driving Online

Austin, Texas, is the fastest growing city in the Lone Star state and certainly the most fun!  Unfortunately, now that every Tom, Dick and Harry is moving to the Capitol City there are WAY more cars on the road.  And more cars equals more TICKETS!  If you received a ticket in Austin, maybe at one of the speed traps on Mopac or I-35, you can take Austin Defensive Driving Online and get it dismissed for only $25!  Think about it: a single moving violation can hike up your liability insurance premiums by as much as 20%!  It’s not rocket science, guys.  Ticket + Driver Record = Higher Insurance!  Ticket + Defensive Driving Online = Insurance Stays the Same!

Why Take Austin Defensive Driving Online?

Taking a Defensive Driving Austin course is easy and cheap compared to driving to the local steak house and spending your entire evening listening to some hack comic talk about driving safety.  Our defensive driving class is 100% online and can be completed from the comfort of home from any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Here are some legit reasons why you should take Austin Defensive Driving Online:

  • Save Money. Spend $25 and save yourself a 20% increase on your auto insurance.
  • Convenience. Texas law requires you to spend 6 hours taking the course, but you can do it in as many sittings as you want.  You set the schedule!
  • Next Day Certificate. It’s a funny thing, but most people who get tickets wait until the last possible second to take defensive driving. If you’re one of those people, good for you!  With same day processing and next day shipping, you can get your certificate the day after you complete the course so you can get it to your court by or before your due date.

How to Dismiss Your Ticket

If you were ticketed in Austin you must follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you’re ticket says that you are allowed to attend a defensive driving course!  It should be printed on the fine print on the back of your citation.
  • Register for Austin Defensive Driving course online and pay $25.00
  • You might be required to provide a certified copy of your 3-A Texas Driver Record
  • Once you finish the course, your proof of completion will be sent to you and arrive in five to seven days. If you’re in a hurry, order faster shipping for a fee.
  • Once you get the certificate, make sure you get it to the court by or before your court due date… OR THE TICKET WILL GO ON YOUR RECORD!