Waco Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Waco

If you received a ticket in Waco, Texas, don’t worry!  It’s not the worst thing that can happen to you… unless, of course, you don’t take a Waco Defensive Driving course and get it dismissed!  A single traffic ticket can increase your insurance rates by — are you ready for this — a whopping 20%!   Once that ticket hits your Texas driving record there’s not much you can do except break out your wallet and pay your insurance company more money!


Why Take Waco Defensive Driving Online?

Taking a Defensive Driving Waco course is far easier than going to a traditional classroom or restaurant.  The defensive driving course offered through our partner is 100% online and can be taken for less than the price of a physics textbook (for you Baylor Bears)!   Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking defensive driving online:

  • More Economical. Spend $25 and save yourself a 20% increase on your auto liability premiums?  It’s a no brainer.
  • No Driving Required. Take the Waco defensive driving course online from any computer, phone or tablet device.  Start and stop it as needed.
  • Fast Processing.  Most people (and we’re assuming you might be one of them) wait until the LAST SECOND to take defensive driving before the court due date.  Don’t worry, we got you covered — the course takes 6 hours to complete and your certificate of completion will be shipped out the NEXT DAY!

How to Meet the Court’s Requirements to Dismiss Your Ticket

If you received a ticket in Waco, you must follow these steps to dismiss it:

  • Make sure that you’re eligible to attend!  The option to attend a Waco Defensive Driving course should be printed on your ticket, but some tickets — like DUI or criminal speeding (20 miles per hour or more over the limit) — are not eligible for dismissal.
  • Register online at our partner’s Waco Defensive Driving course website and pay $25.00
  • If requested by the Waco Judge, also order a copy of your 3-A Texas Driver Record
  • Complete the defensive driving Waco course and your certificate of completion will be sent to you by regular US Mail and arrive within 5-7 business days.  If you’re in a hurry, you can order expedited shipping during online registration.
  • Once you receive your certificate of completion, you must furnish it to the Waco court by or before the deadline printed on your ticket.