DPS Lubbock

DPS Lubbock

Find DPS Lubbock information including address and hours of operation.

  • DPS Lubbock Hours

    7AM – 6PM

  • DPS Lubbock Address

    1302 Mac Davis Lane, Lubbock, TX 79401

  • DPS Lubbock Phone


1. What should I bring when I visit the Lubbock Department of Public Safety office?

It varies upon what it is that you are trying to accomplish. If you are renewing your Lubbock drivers license, then you will be required to fill-out a drivers license renewal form, and have your old license and your social security number. If you are applying for your first Texas driver’s license, then you will need to finish a online drivers ed course prior to your application at the DPS Lubbock Office. If you are between fourteen and seventeen years old, you can get 10% off the enrollment cost for internet drivers education by clicking here. If you are between eighteen and twenty-four years old, you can enroll in an online Adult Drivers Ed class by clicking here.

2. What are the DPS Lubbock hours of operation?

We have listed the office hours and telephone number for all DPS Texas locations, including the DPS Lubbock office. Since the DPS Lubbock may close during special holidays, we strong recommend you call in advance of your visit to make sure that the DPS Lubbock office is open.

3. Can I get the documents that I need at the DPS Lubbock office?

Yes, or you can download them on our website by clicking here. We advise you to have the mandated forms prepared before your visit. Trust us, it will make the process faster. You’ll thank us later!

4. Is it true that the DPS Lubbock now requires a “Proof of Residency” policy for people applying for a new Texas drivers license?

Yes. However, it’s not just the DPS Lubbock. Starting in April 2012, any vehicle operator applying for an original Texas DL, CDL or Identification card is required to bring a minimum of 2 documents to verify his/her identity. This is Texas law.

Applying At The DPS Lubbock Office

So like any other Driver’s License location in Texas, the process in the Lubbock DPS is the same. You will need to bring documents to prove certain things along with you if you visit the DPS Lubbock location. However, you can also study ahead of time for the test, you can pick up the handbook at that Lubbock DPS or get it online as well.

When you visit your DPS Lubbock location please bring these items with you:

You will need to provide the Lubbock DPS with proof of your identity. This means having your proof of residency in Texas, and Social Security Number. Some people will also need to show lawful presence or U.S. citizenship status as well.

At the Lubbock DPS you will need to fill out an application, which can be found at the office or online.

Also present the following for proof:

  • Registration of vehicle that you own in Texas, if you’ve recently moved. Also financial responsibility will need to be provided for any vehicle the person who is applying at the DPS Lubbock location owns or
  • A statement in which the applicant affirms they own no motor vehicle to the Lubbock DPS office.
  • Applying in person at your Lubbock DPS location you will need to bring those required documents along with fees.
  • Passing of a vision exam is required by applicants at the Lubbock DPS
  • Your Lubbock DPS also will require that you pass the driver’s test and knowledge exam, unless you have been exempted. (Need the test done in another language, please look at that section.)
  • Your Lubbock DPS will also require anyone who is taking the teen driver education course to complete the ITTD or Impact Texas Teen Driver requirements.

NOTE: As an applicant who is under 25 at the Lubbock DPS you will need to complete a driver education course before you apply for the license. ATTENTION: Starting April 1, 2015, if the teen driver course is taken, the ITTD will need to be done as well, before the exam can be taken.

Teen Drivers

Anyone showing up at the Lubbock DPS who is under 18 has to provide proof of completion of a DPS approved driver education course. Please go to the Teen Drivers page to find out more.

Foreign Students and Nonresident Visitors

For helping reduce identity theft, the Lubbock DPS has special requirements for nonresidents and students. Please see the US Citizenship or Lawful Presence page to find out more details to what you will need to provide. For acceptable documents the Lubbock DPS will take view the Verifying Lawful Presence Guide, or download the information, or even talk to your Lubbock DPS agent.

New Texas Residents

If you’ve moved to Texas recently and are between the ages of 18 and 24, go to the Adult Drivers Ed page for requirements.

Motorcycle and Moped Riders

If you own a moped or motorcycle for your Class M license go to the Motorcycle Licenses page to see requirements.

U.S. Military Veterans

For some disabled veterans you can get an exempted designation. If you feel you may qualify, visit the Veteran Services page now.