Teen Drivers Ed

Teen Driver Ed course

For teen Ages 14-17. Get your permit & license

  • Approved by the Texas TDLR (formerly the TEA)
  • Online Classroom or Parent Taught
  • No final exam — guaranteed to pass!
  • No lines — take your DPS Written Exam Online
  • Lowest Price Online Course in Texas.

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In order to obtain a Texas learner permit and a Texas driver license, applicants must be at least 15 years of age and must have completed a Texas DPS approved Texas drivers education course. Getting your permit in Texas is easy, just follow these step-by-step instructions to get a Texas driving permit and license…

If you are getting your permit and license in Texas, you must:

  1. Bring documents to verify residence and identity to the DPS. All information presented must be consistent or additional documents may be required to verify conflicting data such as incomplete names or date of birth.
  2. Present your social security card or complete a Social Security Affidavit.
  3. Furnish proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance on all vehicles you own — or intend to drive, in the case of minors.
  4. Furnish a completed Texas D.L. or ID card application form DL-14A. You can save time by completing this form BEFORE you go to the DPS — just don’t sign the Texas driving permit application until instructed to do so by the DPS officer! Form DL-14A may be downloaded by clicking here.
  5. Have your photograph taken, get finger-printed and sign the DL-14A application at the direction of the attending DPS official.
  6. Pass the TX DPS Texas driving permit written exam (you may now complete these test online when you enroll in an online driver education course), the vision test and, of course, the driving test. If you do not pass the driving test, the instructor will give you instructions for scheduling another driving test.
  7. Cash, money order, or a non-temporary check are the only accepted forms of payment for the Texas driver license fee.
  8. Make sure your parent or legal guardian drives whatever car you plan to use for your driving test to the DPS. The DPS will NOT provide a testing vehicle. Whatever vehicle is used must be accompanied by proof of current liability insurance, Texas vehicle registration, and vehicle inspection sticker.
  9. Furnish your certificate of completion of a Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) approved driver education course (form DE964E for parent-taught or DE964 for the online classroom).

Enrolling in a Driver Education Course

Like all things in Texas, we like to do things a little differently and, some would argue, better than the rest of the country! That includes our Texas drivers ed courses. In Texas, kids have two options when it comes to getting a Texas driver permit and driver license: 1) Attend a high school or commercial Texas drivers ed courses or 2) Enroll in a Parent-Taught-Driver-Education (or PTDE) course online.

However, as of 2012, there is a THIRD option for kids to get a Texas driver permit: Texas drivers ed online. Previously, the only online Texas drivers ed available was the PTDE course, but that requires students to take the in-car driving portion of the course at the same time as the online classroom. The brand new online Texas drivers ed course allows teens to complete the 32-hour classroom portion of the course online and obtain a Texas driver permit without having to take the in-car portion. Of course, in order to get a license everybody has to take in-car driver training but now this can be done separately from the online Texas drivers ed classroom course.

Taking a Parent Taught Driver Education Course in Texas

Step 1) A parent or legal guardian must complete and mail form DL-92, also known as the Texas DPS “Parent Taught Drivers Education Packet,” to the Department of Public Safety along with a non-refundable check or money order for $20.00. This is the first step in getting your permit in Texas. The address where you must send the application and fee is included on the form. It will take anywhere from two to three weeks for the DPS to mail the Texas driving permit parent taught packet to the instructor’s address.  Alternatively, parents may now download and complete the DL-92 packet online by clicking here.

Step 2) Once you get the Texas driving permit packet from the Texas DPS, you are permitted to begin the PTDE Texas Drivers Ed class to get a Texas driving permit. Although some high schools do offer driver education, we recommend Teen Driving Course (TDLR License #111), which is an online Texas driving permit course that is one of the most popular and trustworthy companies when it comes to getting your permit in Texas. Not only that, it is the least expensive Texas driving permit course in Texas!

Step 3) Once you have registered for the PTDE course, you are required to complete the first 6 hours of classroom instruction to qualify for your Texas driving permit — also known as a Texas learner’s permit. Information about getting your permit in Texas is typically covered in the first module of the Texas driving permit course.

Step 4)Once the first Texas driving permit module has been completed, the student and his or her instructor must bring the following forms to the TX DPS: DL-90A, DL-91A and DL-91B (these forms will be included in the parent taught Texas drivers education packet the DPS will send you in Step 2) After surrendering these forms at the DPS, you must pass the DPS Texas driving permit exam when getting your permit in Texas.  Alternatively, you may now take the DPS Written exam online through the Teen Driving Course website for an additional fee.  When you complete the written exam online, you will not have to re-take it at the DPS when you apply for your permit!

Step 5) Once you have a Texas driving permit, you and your parent instructor must complete the remaining twenty-six hours of classroom instruction concurrently with seven hours of in-car instruction and seven hours of in-car observation. Additionally, 20 hours of driving practice must also be completed before you can apply for a driver’s license.

If you plan on getting your permit in Texas we recommend taking an online Texas driving permit course, which costs much less than a traditional classroom driver education class and gives teenagers the flexibility of completing the Texas driving permit course at their own pace. Teens and their parent or legal guardian are guided through everything they will need to know using innovative web-based technology and interactive media — from identifying traffic signs to parallel parking to driving on the interstate, the Texas driving permit course covers everything from A to Z!

For a limited time, you can get 20% off Online Drivers Ed when you sign-up with our partner Teen Driving Course. The course is approved by the TDLR as School #111 and will qualify teens for a Texas permit & license.

Completing an Online Driver’s Ed Course

While the parent-taught driver education course is more convenient for some families, the online driver education course works better for others.  Also known as the Alternative Method of Instruction, or “AMI”, course, the online driver education class consists of thirty-two hours of web-based instruction.  The course is divided into twelve modules or lessons which are designed by Texas driving permit instructors and web professionals to educate and engage teenagers through interactive multimedia content that’s easy-to-follow and fun to use!

Like the parent-taught course, students may not spend more than 2 hours per day taking the online course and this schedule is enforced via course timers that will disable a student’s account after 2 hours of study time.  The account will not be available until the following day, when the student may then start a new 2 hour session.  Therefore, the 32 hour course cannot be completed in less than 16 days as required under TDLR rules and regulations.

There are two forms of the online driver education course:

  1. Block: which requires the student to complete the entire 32 hour course before applying for a learner’s permit; or
  2. Concurrent: which allows the student to apply for a permit after the completion of 6 hours of the course and then enroll with an in-car driving school so that he or she may complete the remaining 26 hours of the online course concurrently with in-car car training.

Under the block method, students and parents do not have to select a driving school until after the student has completed the entire online classroom (which alleviates some pressure on both the student and parent).  However, under the concurrent method the student will be eligible to apply for a restricted driver’s license after completing the course (like the parent-taught course) so for those of you who want to knock everything out in one shot then the concurrent course may be your preferred method.

Regardless of which class method you choose, all students are required to verify their identities during the course pursuant to Texas law.  Our preferred Texas driver education partner, Driver Ed To Go (TDLR School # C2588),  utilizes both of the following methods:

  1. Security Questions: which are asked of the student during online enrollment and then used to validate the student’s identity at random intervals during the course;
  2. Voice Biometrics: which requires the student to record a voice sample before starting the course.  At random intervals during the course, the student is prompted to call a toll-free number to repeat the sample phrase and validate his or her identity.

These security requirements may sound a bit scary, but the reason that Driver Ed To Go and all other Texas driver ed providers are required by Texas State Law to implement them is because its the only way to ensure that the student who enrolls in the online classroom is the same student who completes the online classroom.  So cheaters beware!

Despite these stringent completion requirements, the online course is still far more convenient than a physical classroom.  Physical classrooms require teenagers to follow to a set schedule and require parents to drive their student to and from class. Given how busy both parents and teens are these days with work and extracurricular activities, respectively, internet Texas driving permit courses give parents and teens the freedom to set a schedule that works for them. A physical driving school simply cannot offer that level of convenience, and unfortunately it typically costs as much as 2 to 3 times as much as its online equivalent for getting your permit in Texas and ultimately your driver’s license.