Laredo DPS

Laredo DPS

Get Laredo DPS information like office address, phone number and operation hours.

  • Laredo DPS Hours

    8AM – 5PM

  • Laredo DPS Address

    1901 Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo, TX 78043-9771

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Laredo Texas DPS Visits

Visiting the DPS Laredo TX, is a stop to get your driver’s license that living in the area will have you doing sooner or later. There are certain documents you will need to bring along with you for the visit to your Laredo Texas DPS. If you also want to get a handbook in order to study for the test stop at your DPS Laredo TX location today, or get it online.

When you go to your Laredo Texas DPS be sure to bring the following:

Proof of identity can be provided to the DPS Laredo TX location by bringing in proof of residency in Texas, Social Security Number, and US Citizenship or proof of lawful presence status.

You will need to fill out the provided application at the DPS Laredo TX location, or you may download it online.

Also be sure that you have the following:

  • Vehicle registration in Texas, if you have moved to the state recently. Also you will need to show financial responsibility for any vehicle that you own to the Laredo Texas DPS or
  • You will need to do a statement of affirmation that you do not own a vehicle to the DPS Laredo TX.
  • If you are applying in person at the Laredo Texas DPS you are going to have to bring the documents required, as well as fees.
  • You will also need to pass a vision exam at the Laredo Texas DPS
  • While at the DPS Laredo TX you will have to pass a knowledge exam and driver test, unless you are exempt. (If the test needs to be done in another language please see the taking the test in another language section.)
  • For a teen driver at the Laredo Texas DPS you will be required to pass the Impact Texas Teen Driver course as well as teen education.

NOTE: An applicant at the Laredo Texas DPS who is not 25 will need to finish the education course for drivers, before they are able to apply for a license in the state. ATTENTION: Starting on April 1, 2015, when the teen driver course is needed, the ITTD requirement must also be met prior to the exam.

Teen Drivers

If you are under 18, and going to the DPS Laredo TX you will have extra criteria that needs to be met. Look at the Teen Drivers section to learn what that is required.

Foreign Students and Nonresident Visitors

In order to reduce identity theft, for nonresident visitors and students you will be required to meet the requirements on the US Citizenship or Lawful Presence page. For acceptable documents the Laredo Texas DPS will allow look at the Verifying Lawful Presence Guide. This is something that will apply to those people who are in the state on a temporary status as well.

New Texas Residents

Just moved to Texas? Are you between the ages of 18 and 24? Please visit our Adult Drivers Ed page to find out the requirements to get your Laredo license.

Motorcycle and Moped Riders

For people who own and ride moped or motorcycles you will need to get a Class M license. For special requirements needed by your Laredo Texas DPS please look at the Motorcycles Licenses page now.

U.S. Military Veterans

If you are a disabled veteran you may be exempt of fees for your driver license or ID Card. Look at the Veteran Services page now, or talk to your DPS Laredo TX worker to see if you qualify.