DPS Waco

DPS Waco

Find DPS Waco information including address and hours of operation.

  • DPS Waco Hours

    8AM – 5PM M, W, Th, Fri, and 8AM – 6PM Tues.

  • DPS Waco Address

    1617 East Crest Drive, Waco, TX 76705-1555

  • DPS Waco Phone


Special Notes: You may schedule your driving test online for this location, or go to the location and wait for an available appointment. Scheduled appointments always take priority over unscheduled appointments. This location does not offer drive tests between the hours of 12PM and 1PM.

1. What should I bring when I visit the DPS Waco office?

It depends upon what it is that you are trying to accomplish. If you are renewing your Waco drivers license, then you will need to complete a drivers license renewal form, and have your old license and your social security number. If you are trying to obtain your first Texas driver’s license, then you will need to finish a online drivers ed course prior to your application at the DPS Waco Office. If you are between the ages of 14-17, you can get 10% off the enrollment cost for internet drivers education by clicking here. If you are between eighteen and twenty-four years old, you can enroll in an online Adult Drivers Ed class by clicking here.

2. What are the Waco office hours?

We have listed the hours of operation and phone # for all DPS Texas locations, including the DPS Waco office. Since the DPS Waco may close during special holidays, we strong recommend you call ahead of your visit to make sure that the DPS Waco office is open.

3. Can I get the documents that I need at the DPS Waco office?

Yes, or you can access them online here on our website by clicking here. We strongly recommend you to have the required forms prepared before your visit. Trust us, it will make the process faster. You’ll thank us later!

4. Is it true that the DPS Waco now requires a “Proof of Residency” policy for people applying for a new Texas drivers license?

Yes. However, it’s not just the DPS Waco. Starting in April 2012, any Texas driver applying for an original TX DL, CDL or ID card is required to bring a minimum of 2 documents to authenticate his or her identity. This is state law.

5. How can I pay at the Waco DPS?

The Waco Drivers License office accepts checks, credit cards, cash, and money orders.

Applying For A Driver’s License At The Waco DPS

Applying for a driver’s license at the Waco DPS is a process that requires you to bring certain documents along. While you can also find the Texas Driver’s Handbook on the internet, you can also get one from your DPS Waco office as well, it will be of great assistance in studying for the test.

If you visit the Waco DPS to get your driver’s license, please make sure you have the following items with you:

These documents should be brought with you when you go to the Waco DPS in order to prove your identity. Texas residency proof, Social Security Number, and if need be, the U.S. citizenship or lawful presence status proof.

The applicant will need to fill out the Waco DPS application, you can find this at the DPS Waco as well.

You will also need to present the following information:

  • Registration of any vehicles you own in Texas, if you have recently moved to the state. This should also include your financial responsibility evidence for any other vehicle you own.
  • A statement that can prove that the applicant who is at the Waco DPS applying does not in fact own a motor vehicle.
  • If you are at the Waco DPS location and applying in person, you will need to bring along all of the documents listed above, and the required fees that will need to be paid.
  • A vision exam will need to be passed by the DPS Waco applicant.
  • Also required by the Waco DPS is that you pass tests for knowledge and driving, unless the applicant has been exempted from those requirements. (Need to take the test in another language, please see the section about testing in another language.)
  • If you are taking the teen driver education course, the Waco DPS also requires that you complete the Impact Texas Teen Driver requirements (ITTD).

NOTE: If an applicant at the Waco DPS is under 25, they also need to complete the driver education course before they can apply to get their Texas state license. ATTENTION: Since April 1, 2015, taking of the teen driver education course, will also require the Waco DPS applicant to complete the ITTD course first, before they will be able to sit for the driver skills exam.

Teen Drivers

Any DPS Waco applicants who have not yet turned 18 will also have extra requirements they will have to meet. To find out more please go to the Teen Drivers page.

Foreign Students and Nonresident Visitors

To help reduce the chance of identity theft, as well as helping to secure and enhance the integrity of the Waco DPS processing of licenses, those applicants who are nonresidents will have other requirements that need to be met, this will include students as well. To find out the requirements visit the page for US Citizenship or Lawful Presence page. Documents that are acceptable to the DPS Waco location are found on the Verifying Lawful Presence Guide. These requirements are also for those people who are visiting on a temporary basis. You can also find the documents via a download, for more information talk to your Waco DPS worker.

New Texas Residents

Applicants who are 18-24 years old and have moved to Texas recently and have a valid license or one that is unexpired from another country or state, please visit the Adult Drivers page to find out what is required for your license.

Motorcycle and Moped Riders

People who ride mopeds or motorcycles please go and visit the Motorcycle Licenses page to see the requirements for getting your Class M license.

U.S. Military Veterans

Some disabled veterans qualify for fees to be exempt on ID cards or licenses. If you want to see if you qualify, please visit the Veterans Services page now.