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Texas Driving Record

Check Your Texas Driver Record

It may be a good idea to check your Texas Driving Record from time to time to ensure that you don’t have too many points on your record which could cause your driving privileges to be revoked and your license suspended. Just like it is smart to check your credit score, Texas drivers should order their Texas driving record and check it once and a while just to be safe. You may also be required to order your Texas driver record as part of a defensive driving course ordered by the court. Typically, a 2A driver record is for general inquiries and background checks while the more expensive 3A certified driver record is required by courts as part of a defensive driving course completion.

Texas Driving Records

Texas driving records are records that provide a court, insurance company or even your employer with a history of moving violations, suspensions, and any other driving history details. Also known as a Texas Motor Vehicle Record (MVR), a driver record keeps track of your personal driving history — in Texas, or any other state. For some drivers, a driver record that reflects reckless driving history can end up costing them a job opportunity or, worse, increased insurance rates. Most Texas courts require drivers who have been convicted of a moving violation to furnish a copy of their 3A driver record along with a certificate of completion from a licensed defensive driving school.

Order Your Texas Driver Record through the DPS

You may order your driver record from the Department of Public Safety online or through the “snail-mail.” Many private companies can also order your driver record for you through the DPS for a service charge. You will need to have the following items and information in order to place a driver record request through the Texas DPS: a current Texas driver license or ID card, the last 4 digits of your Social, a functioning printer and Adobe Reader (to download and print your DR). Once you have these items handy, you may visit the TX DPS Online Driver Record Request System , select the type of driving record you need (3A or 2A) and pay the fee.

Mail orders may also be requested by completing a DR-1 request.

Sample Image

Once you have completed this form, mail it along with a $10 payment to the following DPS address:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Attn: D.R.B./Certified Abstract
P.O. Box 15999
Austin, Texas 78761-5999