College Station Defensive Driving

College Station Defensive Driving Online

College Station, Texas, is home to Texas A&M University and the mighty Aggies.  Unfortunately, living in a college town often means more cars and more TICKETS! If you got a ticket in College Station, you can take College Station Defensive Driving Online and keep it off your Texas driving record for only $25! Considering that a single ticket can hike up your automobile insurance by as much as 20%, it makes financial sense!

Why Take College Station Defensive Driving Online?

Attending a Defensive Driving College Station course online is a much better option than driving to the local all-you-can-eat buffet and spending your Saturday night listening to somebody crack jokes about what a bad driver you are (trust us on this one). Here are a few excellent reasons why you should consider taking College Station Defensive Driving Online:

  • Lower Cost. For only $25 you can prevent the ticket from hitting your driving record and, consequently, a serious hike on your auto insurance rates.
  • You set the schedule. Texas law requires all defensive driving courses to be 6 hours long, but you can do it in as many sittings as needed.
  • Get your certificate faster.  Your certificate will be processed the same day that you complete the course and with next day shipping you can get your certificate the day after you complete the course.  This is truly the slacker-proof defensive driving choice of champions!

How to Get Started

  • On the back of your ticket, it should state that you have the option to attend defensive driving.  Make sure you check this before signing up because some moving violations, like criminal speeding or DUI offenses, are not eligible for defensive driving.
  • Register for College Station Defensive Driving course and pay $25.00 by check, money order or major credit card.
  • If your ticket states that you must furnish a certified copy of your 3-A Texas Driver Record, make sure you order it and bring it to the court with your certificate of completion.
  • Once you pass the defensive driving final exam, your proof of completion will be shipped USPS. If you’re in a hurry, you can order expedited shipping for an additional cost.
  • Deliver your certificate to the court before your court due date… OR THE TICKET WILL GO ON YOUR TEXAS DRIVING RECORD!