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The 81st Texas Legislature passed a law requiring the Department of Public Safety (Texas DPS) to verify Texas residence when a driver is applying for a Texas driver license (DL), commercial driver license (CDL) or identification certificate (ID). Beginning Monday, April 02, 2012, DPS will implement the Texas Proof of Residency Policy.

Any Texas driver applying for an original DL, CDL, or ID will be required to present two documents verifying that he or she is a Texas resident. This proof of residency is in addition to the currently required documentatio used by the Texas DPS to establish a driver’s identity upon application for a Texas Driver’s License at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

At this time, the TX DPS will only require proof of residency documents when applying for the original license or identity card.  Texas drivers applying for a Texas Driver’s License renewal or a duplicate of an existing driver license or ID will not be affected by this law.

Acceptable documents (if valid and unexpired) verifying identity include:

  • Texas Voter registration card
  • Texas vehicle registration or title
  • Texas boat registration or title
  • Texas concealed handgun license
  • Medical/health card
  • Selective service card
  • Homeowners or renter’s insurance policy
  • Automotive insurance policy or statement

Other documents that can be presented within 90 days of application:

  • Utility, cable or cellphone bills
  • Mail from your financial institution
  • Mail from federal, state, county or city government
  • Pre-printed paycheck or paystub
  • High school or college transcript from current year
  • W-2 from current tax year
  • US Military documentation indicating a TX address

As long as the 2 documents you present from the above list are from TWO DIFFERENT AGENCIES, they will be accepted by the DPS as proof of Texas residency.

Note: If you are currently enrolled in, or about to enroll in, an Adult Drivers Ed course and will not be going to the Texas DPS until April 2012 to obtain your driver’s license, this new law will effect you!