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In today’s age of soaring gas prices, drivers need to save money whenever possible. This is why drivers are always looking for cost-saving tips. However, here are a few vehicle safety tips listed below that will definitely payoff over time…

1. Replacement Tires
Tires are perhaps the single-most important item you can purchase (and maintain) for your vehicle. When tire shopping, make sure you not only check the tire’s wear rating but also the top traction and temperature ratings. These will tell you how resistant your new tires will be to a “blow out” on the road. Vehicle safety tips such as this should always take priority over getting a few more miles out of the tread on your tires.

2. Navigation System
Yes, we know how expensive a state-of-the-art navigation system can be but the cost is mitigated by the added safety value. Think about it: when was the last time you were messing with your cellphone while driving, trying to get directions somewhere? A built-in navigation system is strategically placed by the manufacturer for optimal viewing AND the display screen often doubles as a back-up camera. According to the NHTSA, over 200 people are killed each year in back-over accidents.

3. Windshield Wiper Blades
Let’s be honest — many of us wait until the rubber on the windshield wipers has turned to dust before we even consider going through the trouble of replacing them. This is especially true of sun-soaked states like Texas, Florida, Arizona and California. The problem with that is, when a major downpour arrives faulty windshield wipers can be a major liability. Being able to see the road is kind of important to the driving task, wouldn’t you agree?

4. Car Clubs
Even though today’s cars are much more reliable than they were 20 years ago, tires still go flat, people still lock keys in cars, and believe it or not people still run out of gas on remote roads. Think of it as “peace of mind” insurance. Even if you never use it, that’s actually a GOOD thing! And there are other benefits like member discounts on lodging and rental cars.

For more vehicle safety tips, visit your local AAA or car center.

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